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an updated homepage & portfolio is coming by June 9th

 My career is built around discovering new ways for people to experience technology, and I believe that treating “what technology IS” separately from “how people interact WITH technology” is both naive and unsafe (especially in AI today). My approach merges user-first design with deeply technical ML, NLP, and AI to bring novel solutions to users across a spectrum of technical experience.

My productive output relies on design’s co-equal relationship with PRODUCT product management/leadership, user workflow, user features, IXD, product evaluation, roadmap planning, competitive analysis, DESIGN user interface mockups & wireframes, branding, logos + iconography, marketing material, websites, videos + animations and other visual assets , and ENGINEERING software engineering, software architecture, data science/AI techniques and GTM teams. In my time running my B2B design/dev studio, I added a broad set of projects to my design portfolio, working with companies (conducting extensive user research) in disparate domains, creating product UI/UX, chat, and chat-like interfaces.



Creating a product strategy is at the heart of product management. The process of strategy is informed by a having deep understanding of customer experience, researching users and the market (both qualitatively and quantitatively), and uncovering the underlying needs, goals and subsequent features. This is at the core of my holistic approach to product management and product leadership.



Design is at the core of making products and brands visually engaging. It also depends on crafting an experience that is coveted by your end users. Whether it is interface design (UI), interaction design (IX/UX) or graphic design, an end user’s perception of a product or company stems from an end-to-end experience. Iteratively creating visually engaging, yet simple designs with high production value is a skillset that infuses all of my work. Few people can match my ability to rapidly generate high-quality and impactful designs.



I am a classically trained computer scientist (BS, MS, PhD in CS) that understands the full stack for desktop, server, serverless, and mobile development. I have built complex data pipelines to leverage a wide variety of data science, AI and NLP techniques, leading to scalable, intelligent and responsive platforms for B2B companies in multiple verticals. My success has been a direct result of a decade of leading remote and geographically distributed teams with a diverse set of skills and cultural backgrounds.