During my time at HP Labs, ArcSight, Niara and assorted consulting jobs, I have led the development of new platforms in a large multi-national enterprise environment as well as a small/mid-size startup environment. Some of projects were used internally by top CXOs and staff at HP; others were new systems that are being previewed with customers; and some were thought exercises that resulted in academic publication and awards.

Proudly, some of the key features I designed and architected have been cited as the reasons why multi-million dollar contracts have been signed, while design work for both marketing and sales teams have directly lead to customer acquisition and POC success.

To date, I have filed 29 patents of which 3 have been awarded.

  • 2018

    Kleeen Software

    CEO / President / Co-Founder
    Founded a startup whose product generates your product’s UI and UX (in addition to generating full production quality code).

  • 2017

    Ugly Duckling Consulting / Kleeen Studio

    Head of Technology / Founder
    Personal UI/UX consulting business. Due to increase demand, founded UI/UX design studio with Judy Briones and Marina Djordjevic, focused on B2B product design.

  • 2015

    Niara / HPE Aruba (Acquisition)

    Member of Technical Staff / Distinguished Technologist

    Lead the design of new UI and UX features for the Niara product platform. Scope and architect UI engineering projects based on PM, release train, data science and other constraints.

    In addition, was the primary graphic designer company wide (for sales, marketing and c-suite); designing infographics, marketing and product videos, slide decks, convention booths, online ads, and product material/documents.

  • 2014


    Chief Research Scientist for Innovation & Advanced Technologies
    Lead the design of UI, UX and Data Science for current and future products and new software platform development, as well as act as PM for team’s active development.

  • 2012

    HP Labs

    Research Engineer
    Create innovative systems (prototype and internally deployed platforms) at intersection of UI/UX, visual design, data science (pattern mining, text analytics, and data modeling), while employing robust software engineering practices across two teams of developers I managed

  • 2012

    University of Illinois

    Ph.D. in Computer Science
    Human Computer Interaction + Data Science + Text Analytics + Modeling

  • 2008

    University of Illinois

    MS in Computer Science
    Focus on Human Computer Interaction and Digital Signal Processing

  • 2006

    Carnegie Mellon University

    BS in Computer Science (With Honors)
    Minor in Music Technology

Granted Patents

Presenting documents to a user based on topics and collective opinions expressed in the documents
US9436663 B2 — Sep 6, 2016

Mobile web-based platform for providing a contextual alignment view of a corpus of documents
US9189540 B2 — Nov 17, 2015