I am either an engineer who is very good at design, or a visual designer who is very good at engineering. You pick.

I view DESIGN (user interface, branding, marketing, and other visual assets), EXPERIENCE (user workflow, user features, evaluation), and BUILD (software engineering, data science, product management) as deeply interconnected disciplines. I love taking an incredibly complex problem and leading a team to distill it down to a gorgeous, simple and effective solution.

I am an expert at envisioning a novel and compelling user experience and then converting the vision into something practical. The vision comes from understanding user needs, both hidden and obvious, while the practicality comes from knowing the art of the possible in UI design, data science, and software engineering. This expertise depends on my strength in scoping: prioritizing the most important needs of the end users within the feasible space of data/engineering solutions (including the pragmatic realities of team skills, budgets, and schedules).




I am an extremely efficient graphic and UI, UX and Graphic Designer (UI Mockups, UX Complexity Evaluation, Workflow Design, Personas, Logo/Icon Design, Company Branding, Website Design, Video Animation & Editing, Sound Design), able to design high fidelity prototypes and visual assets in short order (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffect, Adobe Premiere, InVision, Keynote, Powerpoint).

 Defining the aesthetics and graphical elements of the UI (menus, layouts, etc.)

 Designing visualizations and other interactive UI components

 Leading broader company branding (icons, colors, typefaces)

 Designing visuals for marketing team’s campaigns (printing and digital)

 Creating assets for sales teams’ go to market (slides, infographics, dynamic POC material)

 Generating graphical design assets for company (websites, presentations, videos)



I am proficient in multiple HCI approaches to uncover needs and evaluate software’s usability (Ethnography, User Survey, Lab User Study, Turk Studies, Instrumented Application Evaluation, Interviews, Workshops).

 Working with stakeholders and prospective clients/users to elicit product goals

 Uncovering user needs through interviews, ethnographies, and group brain storming

 Capturing implications for product through personas, rapid prototyping, and scenarios

 Leading the definition of user experience design through workflows, and interactive prototypes

 Creating novel end-user features, that allow them to focus on their job rather than the software

 Managing and coordinating the priorities of the projects, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders



I am a classically trained as a computer scientist (BS, MS, PhD in CS), understanding the full stack for desktop, server, and mobile development. I have leveraged a wide variety of data science techniques (Text Analytics, Pattern Mining, Data Modeling, Graph DB), data science libraries (Stanford NLP, Weka, LingPipe, R, Stata, Python) to create intelligent and responsive platforms.

 Defining engineering specifications to create sustainable platforms both desktop and cloud

 Architecting scalable and powerful UI engineering patterns for rapid product development

 Integrating data science solutions to create responsive systems

 Leading geographically distributed teams of engineers with Agile/Scrum

 Fostering a feeling of shared ownership and collaboration among the team