Joshua Hailpern’s Homepage

I view UI (pixels on the screen), UX (user workflow & user features), Software Engineering, and Data Science as 4 deeply interconnected disciplines. I love taking an incredibly complex problem, and distilling it down to a gorgeous, simple and effective solution.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Computer Science where my Human Computer Interaction research focused on leveraging data science and HCI techniques to impact individuals with language and cognitive impairment. My dissertation on accessibility and disability HCI research was awarded the David J. Kuck Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award, for the best dissertation in computer science and engineering in University of Illinois.

Following graduation, I worked for HP Labs, conducting independent research and managing multiple teams of developers on related research. The focus of my HP Labs research has centered around human computer interaction, modeling, and language. Following my tenure at HP Labs, I joined HP’s $1.5B security suite ArcSight as the Chief Research Scientist for the Innovation and Advanced Technologies team. As part of ArcSight, I lead the data science, UI and UX development of new software offerings for HP, applying research principles and findings to software development. Most recently, I have joined a small security software startup to lead their UI, UX and visual design efforts.

I have been on the organizing committee for ACM SIG ACCESS, the premier HCI accessibility conference for 5 years, and have been serving on the ACM SIG ASSETS leadership as the Information Director for 3 and a half years